With decreased testosterone you get the increased risk of impotence

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Decline in testosterone

It is a well-known fact that erectile function is androgen dependent. So, with higher level of testosterone a man gets more powers and sexual abilities. Obviously decline in testosterone that happens naturally can produce erectile dysfunction symptoms.

According to recent studies practically all patients with ED have a low testosterone level and experience improvement in erectile function when treated with testosterone replacement therapy.

The direct relationship between testosterone and ED helps lots of experts understand the reasons of impotence in men and adjust the proper treatment which often includes not only the usage of oral ED medicines, but testosterone as well.

This method is currently used by many doctors who observe the better treatment effects in patients who have been treated with hormone replacement therapy and oral ED drugs.

Low testosterone is also related to low sex drive which can lead to impotence in men. So, if the reason of impotence is decline in testosterone, then the correct treatment can really improve the situation and help men restore their natural sexual abilities.

Today scientists have proven that low testosterone levels are linked to a variety of the same health conditions that play a role in impotence, such as diabetes, overweight, and heart disease.

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Testosterone replacement therapy and ED

In case of low testosterone level a man can get a prescription for TRT or testosterone replacement therapy. It helps to raise the level of testosterone to the normal level and help improve erectile dysfunction.

TRT helps restore sex drive and enhances general state of health in men. By doing this testosterone becomes a psychological factor for erections improvement.

Nowadays doctors suggest using oral ED pills along with TRT to obtain a complex of measures preventing them from suffering the symptoms of impotence and low libido.

ED drugs known as PDE-5 inhibitors, such as Cialis (Tadalafil) encourage erections by increasing blood flow to the penis. Most men respond to these medicines well and can combine TRT with Cialis or other oral ED medicines.

Treating decline in testosterone proves to significantly enhance a man’s sex life by restoring his sex drive and mood, and thus renewing his interest in sexual activities.

TRT also protects against several risk factors for impotence. It reduces the abdominal fat, increases insulin sensitivity, and lowers the risk for diabetes and atherosclerosis. One of the studies also suggests that TRT can even decrease the chance for heart disease in men with low testosterone.

As any treatment TRT has side effects, though, and its long-term benefits usually overweigh the unwanted effects.

Some of the undesirable effects of TRT include: acne, breast enlargement.

The benefits still are: boost in quality of erections, increased libido, normalizing the weight, sugar and cholesterol levels in blood.

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