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iI’m 55 years old and my health is in good condition. But about 5 years ago I noticed I have been“losing” my condition. As my wife and I were having very little sex I went to one of those ED clinics, was advised to try a pump (it was very awkward and not effective) and then I tried to take Viagra. After having taken it I felt the worst headaches and stuffy nose, with much face flushing, which was bad for my complexion. Luckily I visited a good urologist  who prescribed me Cialis. The results were unbelievable! Taking only 20 mg I am able to have sex 15 times over a long weekend, that was not done since we were in our twenties. I and my wife are very happy again.

Nick, 45

After being on Viagra for 2 weeks and having terrible headaches each time I used it I decided to try the other pills. As I was not sure which one to use, I asked my doctor about the options. He said that Cialis would be worth trying. I switched to this medicine fast. I used the dose of 10 mg and was completely satisfied with the results. I felt no anxiety or nervousness, I became absolutely calm and ready any moment with the working hours of this pill – amazing 36 hours! Why didn’t my doc advise it first time I came to him?! This medicine suits me the best with no side effects, no discomforts of use – I can eat and even drink a little of alcohol.1
With Cialis no problem, no loss of erections, we have sex several times during two days.Thanks to this pill’s creators.

Another happy guy

My dosage is 5mg Cialis for my enlarged prostate. I am sure it is helping me, though I use it only for 3 weeks. I am in my 60s and sometimes find it difficult to get it hard. With Cialis which I use daily I have good erections as well.


2I used Cialis only two times and each time it worked great. I had side effects both times. See if they appear the third time. I had nasal congestion and back pain which was rather severe. I’m not sure if I would be using this pill if my back pain continues. All other properties of this medicine are great.

Frank, 52

When I started to have semi-strong erections, I decided at once to stop all these terrible moments in bed. I asked my doctor about possibilities of treatment. He recommended using Cialis 10 mg. First time I used Cialis I was very excited and even nervous about the results. I didn’t tell my wife, so she was surprised to find it firm and strong as it was long time ago. Now I continue using it in the same dosage, no side effects appeared in me.

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